Su-Man Skincare


Su-Man Skincare is a brilliantly crafted award winning highly effective skincare system. Having worked with over ten thousand faces, founder and celebrity facialist Su-Man has designed her skincare line to restore SKIN ENERGY. This is achieved through a combination of innovative formulas and simple application techniques taken from her legendary Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial. For Su-Man there is only one route to a youthful looking complexion and that is by restoring the skin's energy to make the skin healthy and full of vitality.


Having redefined the art of the facial, Su-Man found a way to put her facial magic into bottles creating Su-Man Skincare.

Her 'effortlessly powerful" formulas have taken their inspiration from her own ancestral beauty secrets, reimagined by her facial expertise and enhanced by science. The result is an extraordinary "East meets West" range that redefines anti-ageing with a preventive philosophy based on  improving skin energy and health. "Great prevention is correction if you want results that last!" says Su-Man.

Beloved by beauty experts and celebrities worldwide, the result is skin that breathes healthily, looks alive, toned and expressive - a remarkably improved skin quality that looks and feels enduringly youthful.